KROMI Tool Management: tools + data = order² !

Whoever has data is king: KROMI supplies both tools and all the data for smooth logistics

The pressure to reduce costs is daily business for today‘s manufacturing companies. Successful companies have shown that focusing on one‘s actual core competence is efficient and productive en route to becoming a lean company. Instead of outsourcing actual business processes to suppliers according to the classic make-or-buy principle, effective partnerships with suppliers are high on the wish list of the so-called Hidden Champions. Experience shows that procurement, in particular, is one of the most costly areas of a company. Some manufacturing companies have even built up purchasing departments that reach the dimensions of a full-blown commercial enterprise. In the domain of machining tool supply, KROMI Logistik AG is the only manufacturer-independent provider to not only offer the necessary products, software solutions and services, but also an extensive fund of know-how and experience as regards outsourcing. Numerous high-reputation companies are already relying on KROMI as best-in-class partner. “There are many systems in the companies, but virtually no data” is how KROMI CEO Bernd Paulini describes the typical company situation before KROMI steps in. As a longtime industry insider and outsourcing expert, he knows the problems of his customers exactly: “Most companies are still classically structured. The purchasing department is responsible for the centralized procurement of equipment. Since it has little to do with what really goes on, being an indirect section of the company, many misunderstandings arise between the different departments. Reliable data on consumption are usually not available either, with the result that none of the costs can be optimized. Our tool management solutions are designed in such a way that our customers receive not only just database systems, but also all the data needed for successful production as well.”

The long road from chaos to order: with KROMI as best-in-class partner you can safely lean back and relax. (Photo: KROMI)