KROMI and ZOLLER: the best of two worlds

KROMI and ZOLLER: the best of two worlds

The KROMI and ZOLLER interface in the DIN 4000 structure yields cost savings in twin-pack

Typically, a tool-setting device is used as a stand-alone solution in conjunction with the NC programs. All the individual components and complete tool assemblies for the assembly and dismantling of tools can be managed using special software. The precondition here is the constant maintenance and updating of the master tool data and a prompt recording of the ongoing tool consumption. This is exactly where the potential lies for a combination of the two tool management systems from KROMI and ZOLLER: whereas in the standalone solution the master data and transaction data has to be entered manually to a major extent, the required information can be exchanged in future via an interface between the two systems. After all, all the data needed for the tool presetting, and therefore ultimately for optimizing the machining process in the ZOLLER system, are delivered, so to speak, free to the door by the KROMI logistics systems.

The machining experts

Since 1997, KROMI has been concerning itself with tool-related logistics concepts. The KROMI Tool Center KTC supplies production areas directly on-site with all key tools. Internet-based e-commerce solutions bring the ordering process right to the workplace of production staff if desired. This allows the entire tool procurement logistics to be outsourced as an external service.

The goal is to optimize the costs per part.

The measurement experts

For over 60 years now, ZOLLER has been presenting the future of measurement: with cutting-edge technological innovation, high-quality products and outstanding customer service. ZOLLER measures tools with a precision of 2 microns – quickly, simply, with micrometer accuracy and reliably. Precisely measured and preset tools mean less waste and machine downtime, higher quality and more profit.

The goal is to optimize the machine operating time.

The electronic tool master datasheet contains all the technical data of the tool and functions practically like a tool pass. Thanks to the data links between the systems, all components can be easily found in the various KROMI logistics systems. (Photo: KROMI).
The interface between KROMI Tool Management and ZOLLER TMS is ready for use. (Photo: Zoller)