From contract manufacturer to development partner with Industry 4.0

CDL-Präzisionstechnik GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative company based in Mönchengladbach  in  North-Rhine Westphalia. The company was founded in 2002 by Claus-Dieter Landolt and celebrated its 15 th  jubilee last November. For customers from the mechanical engineering, commercial vehicle, agricultural and textile machine industries as well as in the field of medical technology, CDL offers a complete service programme for the production of ready-to-install mechanical serial parts and assemblies.

Company founder Claus-Dieter Landolt has expanded the company over the last 15 years since its foundation from a contract manufacturer into a problem-solver in the development and implementation of complex machining and logistics concepts. In addition to precision metal-cutting machining, CDL also takes over responsibility for its customers on request for raw parts procurement and for other process steps such as heat treatment, leak testing, surface coating and module assembly. In the near future CDL-Präzisionstechnik will also be offering multi-layer wet painting in its own paint plant. Today, production is carried out by around 70 employees over an area of more than 6,000 m 2  in 3-shift operation on around 30 CNC machines equipped with 4 or 5 axes for high-speed and complete machining. The dimensions of the components extend from the size of a matchbox to the proportions of a Smart.

A key constituent of the company‘s success in a fiercely contested international market lies in the experienced and motivated employees who, together with the management, are guarantors of high quality and reliability for their customers. A further significant contribution to business success is systematic co-engineering throughout the entire process chain. In concrete terms, this means that the potential production can be digitally simulated on the computer as soon as a production request arrives. In particular, this includes the company‘s own fixture construction and tool planning. Orders in which CDL merely serves as an extended workbench for the customer for purposes of capacity balancing have become the exception for Landolt. „We‘re meanwhile faster in project implementation than most of our customers themselves. The development of components is often incomplete when the order comes in. We then have to make up for the missing time in the prototype development and its production.“

To be optimally positioned for such tasks, Landolt  founded  CDL-ProTec  GmbH in 2013 together with his son Pascal Landolt. The speciality of this young company is the digital factory, i.e. the CAD/CAM coupling of all process steps on the basis of a continuous 3D model chain. The data can thus be used for the casting and solidification simulation as well as for the machining simulation. The construction of model facilities with state-of-the-art 3D print technology and the subsequent mechanical complete machining with combined turning-milling technology through to the quality inspection and delivery logistics  enable  extremely reduced lead times and satisfy the highest quality requirements.

One particular advantage of the company is the close and cooperative partnership with innovative foundries in the procurement of raw parts. Due to the extensive expertise in the production-oriented design of cast parts and the complete machining simulation already possible in the prototype stage, it today takes only around 4 to 5 days until the first production-optimised casting blanks arrive at the company.

With KROMI, Landolt has relied on a strategic partner in the area of tool management from the very start, a partner who optimally supports the digital factory as
part of its innovative tool management concept. Whereas most of the work was carried out 15 years ago using standard tools, today it is complex combination and multi-stage tools made of PCD or carbide that achieve different contours and operations on the machine in one cut, and thus contribute to a drastic reduction in machining times. Especially when the calculated process costs or target times per component are not achieved, that‘s when the technology consultants from KROMI are called upon. With the KROMI Engineering Process, tool costs can already be calculated and compared in advance. And when the right tool is found, KROMI also supplies the digital twin of the
actual tool in the form of 3D data. This allows the machining simulation to take place in real time as well.


Company: CDL-Präzisionstechnik GmbH & Co. KG / CDL-Protec GmbH
Foundation: 2002/2013
HQ: Mönchengladbach (DE)
Employees: around 70
Sector: Mechanical engineering, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, medical technology
Processes:Complete process chain for the production of ready-to-install mechanical components
Products: Innovative high-tech products made of aluminium, steel and cast iron

With the new turning/milling centre DMC 160FD duoBlock from DMG Mori with turntable and X/Y travels up to 160 cm, CDL-Präzisionstechnik is extending its capacity for the complete machining of large parts. (Photo: KROMI)

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