Nagamohr S.A. manufactures all kinds of shafts in high volumes

New customer business is progressing very satisfactorily in Spain as well.

The Spanish company Nagamohr S.A. is specialised in the manufacture of complex precision turned parts for the automotive industry. The plant in Getafe near Madrid came about through the relocation of a small production site from Germany to Spain in 1993. It has since developed into one of the leading European companies in this segment with almost 100 employees and an annual production volume of over 20 million shafts.

Nagamohr products are distinguished above all by their high quality. This is a key prerequisite for maintaining a competitive position at the top to supply the premium brands in the auto sector. High-tech production resources, flexibility in production planning, highly qualified personnel and competitive prices even attract export orders from Eastern Europe and China for the company. With just under 60 machines, Nagamohr concentrates mainly on the production of large series.

Typical products of Nagamohr include solid and hollow transmission shafts, armature shafts for electrical motors, shafts for power train and distribution boxes, throttle shafts and valves for gas recirculation systems from 6 up to 38 mm in diameter and 250 mm in length. These shafts are used in windshield wiper systems, electric window lifts, motorised seat adjustments and sunroofs, power train systems, exhaust air management systems, and other similar applications.

KROMI Tool Center as “one-stop-shop”

Interview with Nagamohr manager Patrick Bosch

KROMI newsletter: What was Nagamohr ‘s main reason to introduce Tool Management?

Bosch: In the past, the purchase of our tools was decentralised. Each machine department or group leader was individually responsible for procuring the necessary tools. This is an efficient organisation as long as a company remains small. Since our production has regularly grown, a situation arose in which it became difficult to maintain an overview of the tooling requirements. As soon as we learned about KROMI and acquainted ourselves with their system, we knew straight away that this was the ideal solution: a “one-stop shop”, both within the production hall and for our accounting department.

KROMI newsletter: What is your current  state of implementation and what have you planned for the future?

Bosch: The implementation of the KROMI Tool Management system at Nagamohr is fully developed, and the next steps aim at Mexico. Nagamohr is a Second Tier supplier to the automotive industry. In our sector one has to be constantly dynamic and on the move. With this in mind, we‘re currently building up a further production site, namely in Mexico. New machines have already been installed. Our plan is to be production-ready starting in the last quarter of 2017. The implementation of a tool management system from the very outset will help us ensure an orderly production start. Initial discussions with KROMI have already been carried out..


Company: Nagamohr S.A.
Foundation: 1993
HQ: Getafe (Madrid, Spain)
Employees: around 100
Sector: Automotive supplier
Processes:Turning, grinding, threading, hardening, coating
Products: Solid and hollow shafts

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