KROMI eControl yields key figures for process optimisation

The new app “KROMI eControl mobile” visualises consumption costs directly on the smartphone or tablet.

In most companies, the time intervals during which an evaluation of tool consumption and tool costs is usually carried out lie in the region of weeks or even months. With KROMI eControl, however, the actual withdrawals from the individual cost centres are determined directly online and logged in a database. Up-to-date information is then at the disposal of the customer for monitoring tool consumption. As an optional part of the comprehensive KROMI Managed Inventory KMI, the new app “KROMI eControl mobile” provides the customer with all key figures about tool consumption and costs directly to the smartphone or tablet. Through a secured registration procedure, the user receives encrypted access to the KROMI network and to his individual consumption figures. Via a simple menu, individual cost centres can be selected and the corresponding consumption figures can be subsequently displayed. Customers who have given their approval for KROMI to analyse the tool costs per part (target data) can also compare these consumption data with the actual production volumes of the machines. In such cases, the real tool costs per part can be reliably determined and compared with the target values. This also makes it possible to depict further key figures from production. True to the motto: “Whoever has Data is King!”

Ready for download: The new KROMI eControl App can be found either in the Google Play Store or in the Apple-Store. (Photo: KROMI)