KROMI TOOLS - Variety out of one hand

Best-in-class partnership offers great potential

Successful companies have shown that a focus on their actual core competences proves efficient and effective on their way to becoming lean, streamlined companies. Instead of make-or-buy, hidden champions‘ wish lists today are more likely to include high-performing supply partnerships. Experience shows that purchasing departments, in particular, can rank among companies‘ most costly areas. Some production operations have created purchasing departments over the course of time that rival the dimensions of independent trading companies. This is where KROMI Logistik AG comes in: as the only manufacturer-independent tool management provider, KROMI not only offers the necessary products, software solutions and services in the machine tools area on a one-stop shop basis, but also extensive experience and knowledge to optimise purchasing business processes. Numerous renowned companies already rely on KROMI today as a best-in-class partner

„From delivery to vendor managed inventory VMI“

„We at KROMI specialise in machining topics. Our aim is to organise our customers‘ entire tool supplies in a cost optimising manner. To this end, we have developed models that turn 1,000 positions into 500 without the technology suffering in the process. Our controlling instruments constantly monitor costs per component that allow specific cost-saving proposals to be derived from them. It‘s very important that we are manufacturerneutral compared with other providers, and not only supply our customers simply with database systems, but also provide them with all the data needed for successful production.“

Andre Bartels (Commercial Manager)

Range of service KROMI TOOLS:

  • manufacturer independent delivery
  • professional tool procurement
  • own interim storages
  • customer specific warehouse catalogue
  • monthly accounting
  • from single deliveries to Vendor Managed Inventory VMI

Situation before:

  • numerous tool supplier and brands
  • high inventory
  • fixed capital assets
  • numerous tools
  • high risk of depreciation

Situation afterwards:

  • only one tool supplier
  • zero inventory
  • no costs for storage
  • ...


Andre Bartels (Commercial Manager)