KROMI DATA - ready for industry 4.0

KROMI customers know what‘s happening in their businesses on a local basis

At most companies, it can take weeks or even months to assess tool consumption and tool costs. With the KROMI eControl, by contrast, individual cost centres‘ actual consumption levels are calculated directly online, and stored in a database. Customers are then provided with up-to-the-minute information to check tool consumption every ten minutes. As these data are compared with the machines‘ actual production volumes, the actual tool costs per component can be calculated reliably, and compared with planning figures. A closed-end circuit and short analysis cycles mean that the tool cost surveillance system, which is managed online, forms an ideal basis for a constant improvement process to optimise costs per component.

„We can monitor our stocks online using our supply systems!“

„As part of tool management, we at KROMI take on the role of the central tool supplier – with electronic stock monitoring, and automatic reordering as well as delivery in line with demand. All of our logistics systems for consumable parts, such as the KTC and the ESS electronic drawer cabinet, are designed as consignment warehouse systems where invoicing does not occur until customers have procured an article. All of the threads come together here in Hamburg. In other words, here we monitor all of the systems installed on the market so that no system availability problems occur, and so that all consumption data are managed centrally.“

Axel Schubert (CIO)

Range of service KROMI DATA

  • online orders via KROMI eProcurement system KeC
  • 100% consumption control by KROMI Tool Center
  • statistics for cost control in real time
  • tool data in DIN ISO 4000 ff. format
  • CAD/CAM interfaces to tool presetting and simulation
  • ERP interfaces (SAP)
  • KROMI APP for mobile data monitoring


Axel Schubert (CIO)