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As part of modern tool management, KROMI Engineering is concerned with the planning and optimisation of all machining tasks entailed in production. Along with determining a technologically and financially optimal process chain, this naturally also comprises the optimisation of NC programmes and tool deployment plans as part of work preparation. The KROMI Engineering Process (KEP) aims to securely identify actual cost-drivers within production. Considerable savings can generally also be achieved through optimally deploying existing tools. Specially-developed and multilingual software supports a systematic approach, allowing varying scenarios to be compared. The result discloses hidden rationalisation potentials that most customers can convert into hard cash at the end.

"Although technology is important, costs are always the decisive factor in the end"

„Almost all discussions about the right tools have a technical background. This is not unusual because innovations in the tools area are always very extensive due to modern highperformance materials. In practice, however, the respective machine also determines whether such potentials can be leveraged in a way that enhances output. This is precisely where our KEP process kicks in: using the NC programme, we analyse the costs of a tool on a machine, identify the key cost-drivers and then optimise the overall result – costs per component.“

Jens Kumpert

KROMI Engineering Prozess KEP

Range of service KROMI TECHNOLOGY

  • KROMI Engineering Process (KEP)
  • analysis of cutting processes
  • substitution of cost and time intensive tools
  • technology consulting
  • machine configuration
  • tool life reporting with Tool Life Controller (TLC)
  • CAD/CAM services (NC-programming, robot programming)


Jens Kumpert