More than just tools

The right tool at the right time at the right place

Where the topic of purchasing logistics is concerned, numerous internal and external interfaces, organisational obstacles and narrow departmental thinking hinder smooth processes. Despite a high level of warehouse stocks, this constantly generates production stoppages and supply bottlenecks. Coordination problems between suppliers and production operations have far-reaching consequences:

  • Around 15 % of orders are halted or interrupted due to a lack of tools
  • More than 40 % of foremen‘s working hours are attributable to tool organisation and procurement
  • About 20 % of a machine operator‘s working hours are taken up with the search for tools
  • More than 60 % of working capital costs cannot be attributed to a specific cause

The logistics systems that KROMI has developed offer a unique service: availability at all times and consumption transparency. And this around the clock, 8,760 hours per year.

„KROMI offers the right logistics solution for each product“

"We have many customers from the automotive supply industry here in East Germany. These are mostly completely new operations that have been created literally on green fields. Although state-of-the-art warehousing technology is frequently deployed, machining tools and related accessories are often lying around in a disorganised fashion at different locations – entailing corresponding production inefficiencies. With the KROMI Tool Center KTC, our electronic drawer cabinet and our KROMI kanban system, we have developed very practical logistics solutions that allow us to banish the problem of missing tools in an effective and low-cost way.

KROMI Tool Center

The Kromi Tool Centre (KTC) is the central element to purchasing, ordering, logistics, and storage in one single unit, without the intervention of personal, but readily available in your location. We determine with together you the articles and items which are required within your electronic catalogue and are of your individual selection and requirements. These are then entered into the built in PC. The employees can then at the consul use their individual identity code to access the tools they require. At the push of a button the required tool is then issued by the KTC, which acts as a consignee and warehouse. The tool is then automatically issued and only at this stage is the item booked out and charged.

Range of service KROMI LOGISTICS

  • modular KROMI Tool Center KTC for optimised storage
  • spiral, caroussel and drawer cabinet
  • KROMI Kanban for small parts
  • 100% availability at the right time and the right place
  • 7day/24hour delivery service
  • re-grinding service

Situation before:

  • high inventory
  • numerous secret buffers
  • Situation

Situation afterwards

  • controlled inventory
  • professional storage administration
  • Situation
  • ...


Jens Kumpert